About Trilogy's Amazing Musicians

Jimmy | Lead Singer

Jimmy started singing in 1952 when at age 5 he won a singing contest in his home state of New Jersey. He started writing songs at age 10 and while he served in Vietnam.

In his younger days Jimmy sang a cappella with The Crystals preforming at various venues in Northern New Jersey. In the 80’s Jimmy went solo, signing in the New Jersey, New York entertainment circuit.

Twelve years ago he moved to North Carolina and became lead vocalist for an Oldies Group preforming at various clubs, restaurants and private parties in North Carolina. It is at this time Jimmy met George, lead guitarist, and a friendship was formed. It is with George that Jimmy looked to form a new group, Trilogy, playing music from the 3 decades he has enjoyed so much.

Sam | Drums

Sam hails from The Central Jersey Shore. At age 9 he started with guitar, then tried the piano and at age 12 settled on the Drums. At age 14 he was founding member and leader of The Inmates. A year later they won a recording contract with Cleopatra Records from New Jersey. By 16 they were signed to a 3 year recording contact with Columbia Records and found themselves opening for the Four Seasons, The Cyrkle (Red Rubber Ball) and Johnny Thunder (I’m Alive). They performed on The New Jersey College Circuit along with The Jersey Shore Club Scene.

Sam was recently notified that a Chicago based Entertainment Company purchased the Cleopatra Tape Library and re-mixed many of the Inmates early 60’s music and can be found on iTunes by searching The Inmates Runaway.

Sam moved to Brunswick County North Carolina 3 years ago, met Jimmy and George playing at a gig, and one year later decided to put together a rock band that Jimmy had envisioned. Sam also plays with a jazz quartet specializing in music from the Great American Song Book playing musical standards adults know and love for easy listening.

Jeff | Keyboard, Harmonica & Vocals

Jeff started taking piano lessons as a kid in upstate NY after his grandmother bought him a "beat up" upright piano and expected him to practice every time she visited.

Jeff picked up guitar in his 20’s when he was a student at Baylor College of Medicine and performed in local establishments in Houston. Jeff has been a member of various bands in CT and the Boston area for the last 20 years playing keyboard and guitar.

Jeff moved to NC in late 2018. He enjoys performing a variety of musical Genres. Jeff composes and records his own music on the side and by chance found Sam, Brad and Brad’s wife Kim jamming in St. James with Jeff playing his guitar. While walking out Sam said too bad you did not play keyboards and Jeff responded it was his main instrument. The next week Jeff was playing with Trilogy.

Don | Lead Guitar and Vocals

Don grew up around the beach scene of the New Jersey Shore. Like Oak Island, the Jersey Shore has great beaches, a host of venues to play and even more great bands.

Don has been playing in various bands since 1967 playing rock, blues, funk and now Classic Rock. The Carolinas have always felt like home having family here and visiting since 1971.

Five years ago Don decided to retire and settle down purchasing a home here on Oak Island and formally moved in June of 2018. Don was a perfect fit for Trilogy.

Brad | Bass Guitar & Vocals

Brad started playing guitar at the age of 12 influenced by the Rock and Roll scene of the early sixties. In Junior high, Brad played lead guitar in a school band that played in teen club events in the Washington DC suburbs. Later, in high school, he played lead guitar in a soul band covering a wide variety of Motown style music.

After school, with family life and a busy work schedule, he focused mainly on playing acoustic guitar in jam sessions and church bands. In the church bands, Brad played acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar and bass.

Upon moving to North Carolina, Brad has hooked up with local musicians for jam sessions and joined the Trilogy band, focusing on bass guitar and back-up vocals. Brad’s wife Kim, makes guest appearances with Trilogy singing lead and background vocals.